Young Adult Fiction

Signed first editions make great gifts for young adults…

Cover of Hollow Earth by John BarrowmanNot too long ago, a doting relative may have thought about ‘laying down’ a ‘pipe’ (almost 523l) of port for the offspring of their kith and kin.  These days, making the same gesture probably wouldn’t go down quite so well for several reasons.  Not least being the trend to see teenagers lead a far healthier lifestyle!

That’s why buying a few reasonably priced signed first editions, as gifts, could be a real winner.  Engaging, enlightening, long lasting, non-alcoholic and low fat, what more does anyone need from a present?  Oh yes, there is one more thing: the chance it could grow in value.

The obvious (and unprecedented) example to illustrate this last point is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  A signed first edition, first print of this book can now sell for >£18k.  That’s not a bad return for paying £10.99 for one of the first 500 copies printed in 1997.

So who’s going to repeat this success in the future?  This is anybody’s guess but authors to keep track of include Steve Augarde (X Isle), F E Higgins (Tales from the Sinister City), Patrick Ness (The Knife of Never Letting Go) and Sarah Prineas (The Magic Thief).

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