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Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944 - Antony Beevor

Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944 - Antony Beevor

Title: Arnhem

Author:  Antony Beevor

ISBN:  9780670918669

Weight:  990g

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Arnhem by Antony Beevor

The great airborne battle for the bridges in 1944 by Britain’s Number One bestselling historian and author of the classic Stalingrad

On 17 September 1944, General Kurt Student, the founder of Nazi Germany’s parachute forces, heard the growing roar of aero engines.  He went out on to his balcony above the flat landscape of southern Holland to watch the vast air armada of Dakotas and gliders, carrying the British 1st Airborne and the American 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.  He gazed up in envy at the greatest demonstration of paratroop power ever seen.

Operation Market Garden, the plan to end the war by capturing the bridges leading to the Lower Rhine and beyond, was a bold concept: the Americans thought it unusually bold for Field Marshal Montgomery.  But the cost of failure was horrendous, above all for the Dutch who risked everything to help.  German reprisals were cruel and lasted until the end of the war.

The British fascination for heroic failure has clouded the story of Arnhem in myths, not least that victory was possible when in fact the plan imposed by Montgomery and General ‘Boy’ Browning was doomed from the start.

Antony Beevor, using many overlooked and new sources from Dutch, British, American, Polish and German archives, has reconstructed the terrible reality of this epic clash.  Yet this book, written in Beevor’s inimitable and gripping narrative style, is about much more than a single dramatic battle.  It looks into the very heart of war.

Peer & Press Reviews

Another masterwork from the most feted military historian of our time…  Does the story need to be retold?  Beevor is such a good writer, with a gift for clarity and a knack for the telling personal portrait, that the answer is undoubtedly yes.

Jay Elwes, Prospect Magazine

The analysis he has produced of the disaster is forensic.  Aficionados of military history will revel in Beevor’s microscopic detail, with every skirmish given its rightful place…  Beevor’s prodigious research has nevertheless unearthed many treasures, particularly his record of the sufferings of Dutch civilians who risked their necks by nursing wounded allied soldiers.

Giles Milton, Sunday Times

Our greatest chronicler of the Second World War…  The drama of manoeuvre and counter-thrust, the courage and cowardice of soldier and civilian, the follies and vanities of commanders, which are especially rich in this story, are deployed with colour and humanity.  His fans will love it.

Robert Fox, Evening Standard

Bibliographic Info

Attribute Details
Title Arnhem
Sub title The Battle for the Bridges, 1944
Book Features
Edition / printing First edition, first printing
Edition features

The main body of the book is 380 pages, which includes four 8-page sections of black & white photographs.

The front matter has an additional 11 pages:

Contents [2 pages]
List of Illustrations [2]
Illustration Acknowledgements [1]
List of Maps [1]
Glossary [3]
Table of Military Ranks [2]

The back matter has a further 76 pages:

Notes [51 pages]
Bibliography [7]
Acknowledgements [3]
Index [15]

Jacket note On the front of the jacket is a ‘signed copy’ sticker (see image).  Because the paper used for the jacket has a laminate finish, WE DON’T ADVISE REMOVING THIS as it could result in a flaw known as Sticker Ghost.
Overall condition Fine / Fine (see our article on Condition Grades)
Signed On a signature page, tipped-in directly before the half title page.  (Printed on this page are the words ‘Signed edition’ as well as the author’s name and the month / year of publication.)
Book Stats
Publisher Penguin Random House
Imprint Viking
Publication date
Printed by Clays Ltd, Bungay
ISBN 13 9780670918669
ISBN 10 0670918660
Format Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 380 [main body]
Size (h x w x d) 241 x 162 x 43mm
Weight 1.067kg [heavy book]
Image and Design Credits
Author photograph John E. Fry
Jacket photo (front) Part of the American 82nd Airborne Division, dropping near Groesbeek, 17 September 1944 (courtesy of the Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers, Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Ohio University Libraries).
Jacket photo (back) British paratroops en route to Holland © Topfoto
Cartography Jeff Edwards

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