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Battlefield 3: The Russian - Andy McNab

Battlefield 3: The Russian - Andy McNab

Title: Battlefield 3: The Russian

Author:  Andy McNab

ISBN:  9780857820679

Weight:  990g

Signed first edition, first printing



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Our price:  £14.99

Battlefield 3: The Russian by Andy McNab

Spetsnaz was once a name to strike fear into the hearts of Mother Russia’s enemies.  But what was there left to fight now the country had gone to the dogs?  Dima Mayakovsky – once a revered figure inside the elite Special Forces unit – wanted no part of it any more.

But when a dangerous fugitive surfaces in Tehran, Dima is the man Kremlin wants to bring him in.  The target has something Dima’s political masters want back.  And they have made sure that they do not have to take no for an answer.

There is no option: the ex-Spetsnaz legend must lead his hand-picked team of highly-trained, battle-hardened operatives into explosive combat.  But that wasn’t the sort of thing you could hide from the US recce satellites that circled the skies above.

That meant Dima and his men became Marine Sergeant Henry Blackburn’s problem.  Sent across the border into Iran to search for a missing patrol, Black’s men weren’t looking for trouble, but they found it.  In spades.

And as Iran descends into chaos, Dima and Black are forced to question everything they believed in, and to fight to survive, for their comrades, their honour and the lives of millions.

They’re on their own.  And the clocks are ticking…

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