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Blackheart Knights - Laure Eve

Blackheart Knights - Laure Eve

Title: Blackheart Knights

Author:  Laure Eve

ISBN:  9781529411911

Weight:  990 g

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Signed first edition, first printing



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Blackheart Knights by Laure Eve

From the acclaimed author of The Graces, an original and unusual retelling of the Arthurian legend, set in London as you’ve never seen it before: a place with electricity for blood, lit by a thousand neon lights.

Power always wins.

Imagine Camelot but in Gotham: a city where Arthurian knights are the celebrities of the day, riding on motorbikes instead of horses and competing in televised fights for fame and money.

Imagine a city where a young, magic-touched bastard astonishes everyone by becoming king – albeit with extreme reluctance – and a girl with a secret past trains to become a knight for the sole purpose of vengeance.

Imagine a city where magic is illegal but everywhere: in its underground bars, its back-alley soothsayers and in the people who have to hide what they are for fear of being tattooed and persecuted.

Imagine a city where electricity is money, power the only game worth playing, and violence the most fervently worshipped religion.

In this dark, chaotic, alluring place, any dream can come true if you want it hard enough – and if you are prepared to do some very, very bad things to get it...

Peer & Press Reviews

The screaming neon of Bladerunner meets the medieval steel of Arthurian legend in a world that’s dizzying in scope and imagination.  The boldest, smartest, most adventurous fantasy I’ve read in ages…

Krystal Sutherland, author of Our Chemical Hearts

King Arthur as you’ve never seen him before.  Eve doesn’t just capture lightning, but commands it, in a riveting tragedy of blood and desire.  A masterwork of urban fantasy – and the coolest thing you’ll read this year.

Samantha Shannon, author of The Priory of the Orange Tree

This is an outstandingly well-crafted and absorbing urban/epic/alt-reality/mythic fantasy read.

Juliet Mckenna, author of The Green Man's Heir

Bibliographic Info

Attribute Details
Title Blackheart Knights
Book Features
Edition / printing First edition, first printing
Overall condition Fine / Fine (see our article on Condition Grades)
Signed On a signature page, tipped-in before the half title page.
(Printed on this page is the title, the author’s name, and the logo / name of the imprint.)
Book Stats
Publisher Quercus Editions
Imprint Jo Fletcher Books
Publication date
Printed by Clays Ltd, Elcograf S.p.A.
ISBN 13 9781529411911
Format Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 486
Size (h x w x d) 242 x 164 x 43mm
Packed weight 1.074kg [heavy book]
Image and Design Credits
Author photograph Ranulph Redlin
Jacket design Blacksheep Design
Jacket illustration Federico Musetti

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