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Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar - Tom Holland

Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar - Tom Holland

Title: Dynasty

Author:  Tom Holland

ISBN:  9781408703373

Weight:  990g

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Dynasty by Tom Holland

Rome was first ruled by kings, then became a republic.  But in the end, after conquering the world, the Republic collapsed.  Rome was drowned in blood.  So terrible were the civil wars that the Roman people finally came to welcome the rule of an autocrat who could give them peace.  ‘Augustus’, their new master called himself: ‘The Divinely Favoured One’.

The lurid glamour of the dynasty founded by Augustus has never faded.  No other family can compare for sheer unsettling fascination with its gallery of leading characters.  Tiberius, the great general who ended up a bitter recluse, notorious for his perversions; Caligula, the master of cruelty and humiliation who rode his chariot across the sea; Agrippina, the mother of Nero, manoeuvering to bring to power the son who would end up having her murdered; Nero himself, racing in the Olympics, marrying a eunuch, and building a pleasure palace over the fire-gutted centre of his capital.

Now, in the sequel to Rubicon, Tom Holland gives a dazzling portrait of Rome’s first imperial dynasty.  Dynasty traces the full astonishing story of its rule of the world: both the brilliance of its allure, and the blood-steeped shadows cast by its crimes.  Ranging from the great capital rebuilt in marble by Augustus to the dank and barbarian-haunted forests of Germany, it is populated by a spectacular cast: murderers and metrosexuals, adulterers and druids, scheming grandmothers and reluctant gladiators.

Dynasty is the portrait of a family that transformed and stupefied Rome.

Peer & Press Reviews

A swaggering history of the dynastic house that Julius Caesar built.  Nothing entertains like excess and the weird cruelties, bloody intrigues and eye-popping depravities of emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero are queasily fascinating.

Sunday Express

Among the many virtues of Tom Holland’s terrific history is that he does not shrink from seeing the Roman emperors for what they were: ‘the west’s primal examples of tyranny’…  Dynasty is both a formidable effort to compile what we can know about the ancient world and a sensational story.

Nick Cohen, Observer

This is history in which fact and fiction overlap, rigorously researched and lightened with dashes of humour… first-rate ancient history and a compulsively good read.

Matthew Dennison, Daily Mail

Bibliographic Info

Attribute Details
Title Dynasty
Sub title The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar
Book Features
Edition / printing First edition, first printing
Edition features

The main body of the book is 419 pages, which includes two 8-page sections of photographs (colour & monochrome) and grayscale maps.

The front matter has an additional 18 pages:

Contents [1]
Acknowledgements [2]
List of Maps [1]
Family Tree [2]
Preface [12]

The back matter has a further 58 pages:

Timeline [4]
Dramatis Personae [11]
Notes [20]
Bibliography [11]
Index [12]

Overall condition Fine / Fine (see our article on Condition Grades)
Signed On the title page
Book Stats
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Little, Brown
Publication date
Printed by Clays Ltd, Bungay
ISBN 13 9781408703373
ISBN 10 1408703378
Format Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 419 [main body]
Size (h x w x d) 242 x 163 x 42mm
Packed weight 1.293kg [very heavy book]
Image and Design Credits
Author photograph Charlie Hopkinson
Jacket design Nico Taylor - LBBG
Jacket image Gareth Blayney

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