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Burntcoat - Sarah Hall
Burntcoat - Sarah Hall
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The Book of Form and Emptiness - Ruth Ozeki
The Book of Form and Emptiness - Ruth Ozeki
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Help and Advice for Collectors of Signed First Editions

When we first started collecting signed first edition books, we discovered that there didn‘t seem to be a one-stop reference source for collectors.  A source that explained, for example, that dust jacket, dust wrapper and book jacket are all names for the same thing.  Or what a ‘headband’ is.  So we decided we’d do something about this problem.

The results of our efforts are the articles you’ll find here.  Some of these will explain book trade terminology while others will help clarify the more common bookbinding terms.  And because things change, we’ll update all of these as needed.

Please note that when we write these pieces, our main aim is to help novice collectors avoid costly slips when they start buying signed first editions.  Even so, we’d like to think that ‘old hands’ will find our articles a useful resource as well.  In both cases, we hope we achieve our goal.

Thanks for reading…

Article Index

Article 1: Book Condition Grades

Article 2: Parts of a Book

Article 3: Book Terminology

Article 4: Book Faults and Flaws

Article 5: Modern Fiction Genres and Subgenres

Article 6: A Brief History of the Man Booker Prizes


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