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Kings of the Wyld (The Band 1) - Nicholas Eames

Kings of the Wyld (The Band 1) - Nicholas Eames
 Kings of the Wyld (The Band 1) - Nicholas EamesKings of the Wyld (The Band 1) - Nicholas Eames 

These books are from a true limited edition with a numbered global print run of only 350 hardcover copies.

Title: Kings of the Wyld

Author:  Nicholas Eames

ISBN:  9780356510668

Weight:  885g

Limited and signed first edition, first print hardback




Sorry, sold out

Our price:  £75.00

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eame

It’s time to get the band back together.

Clay Cooper was once a member of Saga, the most renowned mercenary band in the world, but has since retired to live in peace with his wife and young daughter – until the night his old bandmate Gabriel shows up on his doorstep, desperate for help.  Gabe’s daughter, Rose, is trapped in a city half the world away, besieged by a host of monsters known as the Heartwyld Horde.

Clay reluctantly agrees to go along, and together they set out to reunite the disparate members of their old band: Moog, an absent-minded wizard; Matrick, a cuckolded king held prisoner by his own wife; and Ganelon, a deadly warrior who has spent the decades since Saga disbanded encased in stone.

Reunited, they set out across the vast, monster-infested forest called the Heartwyld, clashing along the way with feral cannibals, vengeful gods, and a relentless bounty-hunter named Larkspur.  The Horde awaiting them at Castia, however, is the greatest threat of all, and to overcome it Saga must convince both their aging peers and a generation of restless youth to risk everything in pursuit of a mercenary’s most valued currency: everlasting glory.

Peer & Press Reviews

Brilliant debut novel…  Eames has cranked the thrills of epic fantasy up to 11…  Moreover, the plot is emotionally rewarding, original, and hilarious.  Eames clearly set out to write something fun to read and he has succeeded spectacularly.

Publishers Weekly

It was a fantastic read, a rollicking, page-turning, edge-of-your-seat road-trip of a book.  Great characters, loveable rogues that I genuinely cared about and all manner of fantastical monsters.  All spiced with a sly sense of humour that had me smiling throughout.  Wonderful.

John Gwynne, author of Malice

Kings of the Wyld does everything right…  Nicholas Eames knows how to write and, more importantly, he knows how to pace and structure a novel.  He mixes action and humor in equal measure, and weaves genuine emotion into the heroics.  It’s a fun novel, but one where sorrow and melancholy are always lurking just under the narrative…  I loved the characters, loved the journey and even loved the climax…  Kings of the Wyld is a fantastically fun read, from beginning to end, and I am already looking forward to the sequel.

Bob R Milne, Beauty in Ruins

Bibliographic Info

Title:Kings of the Wyld
Book Features
Edition / printing:First edition, first printing
Edition background:

Orbit published this title straight to paperback on 21 Feb 2017.  However, the reviews were so good that an independent online bookseller decided to commission a hardcover edition.  The subsequent 350 numbered books are a true limited edition and the only hardcover copies available globally.

The books have a combined title / number authentication page, which confirms the book’s handwritten number.  Besides the printing expected on a title page (title, author, publisher), this page also bears the phrase ‘LIMITED SIGNED FIRST EDITION’.

Available numbers:Choice of 104 or 105 [of 350, subject to availability]
Series:The Band – book 1
Overall condition:Fine / Fine (see our article on Condition Grades)
Signed:On the title / number authentication page
Ephemera:Eames worked with artist Scott McCauley to develop concept sketches of the book’s main heroes and villains.  A limited edition set of postcards featuring these 8 characters is included with each book.
Book Stats
Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date:
Printed by:Clays Ltd, Bungay
ISBN 13:9780356510668
ISBN 10:0356510662
Format:Hardcover with dust jacket
Size (h x w x d):224 x 146 x 44mm
Design Credits
Author photograph:Kristine Cofsky
Jacket design:Lisa Marie Pompilio
Jacket illustration:Richard Anderson
Map:Tim Paul Illustrations

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