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Principles of Angels (Hidden Empire 1) - Jaine Fenn

Principles of Angels (Hidden Empire 1) - Jaine Fenn

Title: Principles of Angels

Author:  Jaine Fenn

ISBN:  9780575082915

Weight:  825 g

Dated signed first edition, first printing



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Principles of Angels - Jaine Fenn

Khesh City floats above the surface of the uninhabitable planet of Vellern.  Topside, it’s extravagant, opulent, luxurious; the Undertow is dark, twisted and dangerous.  Khesh City is a place where nothing is forbidden – but it’s also a democracy, of sorts, a democracy by assassination, policed by the Angels, the élite, state-sponsored killers who answer only to the Minister, their enigmatic master.

Taro lived with Malia, his Angel aunt, one of the privileged few, until a strange man bought his body for the night, then followed him home and murdered Malia in cold blood.  Taro wants to find the killer who ruined his future, but he’s struggling just to survive in the brutal world of the Undertow.  Then an encounter with the Minister sets him on a new course, spying for the City; his target is a reclusive Angel called Nual.

Elarn Reen is a famous musician, sent to Khesh City as the unwilling agent of mankind’s oldest enemy, the Sidhe.  To save her own life, she must find and kill her ex-lover, a renegade Sidhe.

Though they come from different worlds, Taro and Elarn’s fates are linked, their lives apparently forfeit to other people’s schemes.  As their paths converge, it becomes clear that the lives of everyone in Khesh City, from the majestic, deadly Angels to the barely-human denizens of the Undertow, are at risk.  And Taro and Elarn, a common prostitute and an uncommon singer, are Khesh City’s only chance…

Peer & Press Reviews

Fenn shows considerable promise with this debut.  Well paced, with a satisfying number of twists and turns to hold your interest and characters are well drawn, ensuring you care enough about them to keep reading.  This is an accomplished first novel from an author who bears watching.

Steve Robinson, Death Ray magazine

What initially plays as a slow-burning blend of murder mystery and hard sci-fi (with an added dash of China Mieville’s gritty sense of urban energy) is soon expanding in scale and taking on some highly intriguing concepts.  Fenn’s debut novel is an impressive piece of work and adds another name to the list of SF and fantasy authors worth watching.

Saxon Bullock, SFX

Jaine Fenn adroitly creates a richly detailed future world populated by some colorful and intriguing characters.  Fenn is adept at keeping the action moving.  There are many fine fight scenes, changes of locale, and cliff-hanging ends of chapters.  Fenn also possesses a strong gift for vibrant description: the clothing, architecture, and interiors of dwellings are conveyed with a keen visual sense.  Principles of Angels is a fun read, and a well written first novel.

Sci-Fi Dimensions

Bibliographic Info

Attribute Details
Title Principles of Angels
Book Features
Edition / printing First edition, first printing
Series Hidden Empire – book 1
Overall condition Fine / Fine (see our article on Condition Grades)
Signed On the title page
Dated 19-6-08 [publication day]
Book Stats
Publisher Orion Publishing Group
Imprint Gollancz
Publication date
Printed by CPI Mackays, Chatham
ISBN 13 9780575082915
ISBN 10 0575082917
Format Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 282
Size (h x w x d) 242 x 161 x 31mm
Image and Design Credits
Jacket design Nik Keevil

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