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Two Tribes - Chris Beckett
Two Tribes - Chris Beckett
Signed edition£16.99

Uncorrected Paperback Proofs

Uncorrected Paperback Proofs

Author:  A N Other

ISBN:  9780000000009

Delivery:  Extra £1.00 [heavy book]

Unsigned, uncorrected paperback proof



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Our price:  £100.00

Buy any other book and while stocks last you can get up to two uncorrected paperback proofs for just £1.00 each for postage – that’ a whopping £100 discount (applied in basket)

Unsigned Mystery Proofs

Live dangerously and get a FREE paperback proof…

As many of you will be working from, or self-isolating at, home, we thought you may like some extra reading material to while away the hours.  Not to mention have a bit of fun at the same time and all for the princely (princessly?) sum of £1!

We have lots and lots of uncorrected paperback proofs that are sent to us on a ‘not for resale’ basis.  But we can give them away.  So, here’s what we propose, buy one or more books from our regular stock and add up to two proofs to your order for just £1 each to cover post and packing.

Here’s where the mystery comes in; we’ll choose a title for you based on what you’ve bought from us in the past!  For fans of fantasy, this could be a copy of The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding; for literary aficionados Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas; for crime buffs, The Mobster’s Lament by Ray Celestin.  I’m sure you get the idea…

This is important: we have read quite a few of these unsigned proofs – we’re booksellers, that’s what we’re supposed to do.  But if we have read a copy, it’ll only be the once and very carefully.  However, if the thought of a terrific, uncorrected paperback proof for £1 p&p that’s been read dismays rather than excites, this offer is not for you.

One other thing that may put you off is the £100 price of our proofs!  This is to emphasise the proof is part of an offer.  But if you add one or two to your basket and then buy a regular book, the proof price will drop to zero, i.e. a 100% discount.  Try it and see…

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